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Sapone Brothers

Silver Infused Hand Sanitizer

Silver Infused Hand Sanitizer

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Inspired by Nature, Refined by Silver

Elevate your hand hygiene with our silver-infused sanitizer. Enjoy the added benefit of a refreshing scent with every use.

 1.85 fl oz

• Infused with Colloidal Silver & Aloe

 White Tea Scent

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k coplan
Great stuff

love spraying this on my hands, smells delicious and keeps my hands clean

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100% Pure Alcohol - Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

Colloidal Silver - Colloidal silver enhances sanitizer, providing powerful germ protection without skin irritation.

Aloe - Aloe vera in hand sanitizer provides dual benefits of germ protection and skin nourishment. Its natural moisturizing properties soothe and hydrate the skin, making it an ideal addition to promote both cleanliness and skin health.


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Simply dispense a small amount onto your palm. Rub your hands together, ensuring you cover all surfaces, including between your fingers and under your nails.

Continue rubbing until the sanitizer has completely evaporated, which typically takes about 20-30 seconds. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your hands are clean and protected.

Use as often as needed for ongoing hygiene and germ protection.

*We also recommend cleaning the screens on your devices with our Silver Infused Hand Sanitizer

Why Choose Sapone?

  • All Natural

    We believe in the power of nature to nurture and enhance. You won't find any harsh chemicals or synthetic additives anywhere on our store. Experience the difference that comes from using a products crafted exclusively from natural, nourishing ingredients.

  • Italian Inspired

    Italian-inspired soaps offer a luxurious bathing experience, combining heritage and craftsmanship. Crafted with traditional techniques, they provide a sensory journey with scents reminiscent of Italy's lush landscapes.

  • Small Batches

    Our hands-on approach offer superior quality and attention to detail. Crafted with precision, ensuring a more enriching bathing experience.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    Each product is handcrafted with love, reflecting our commitment to quality, purity, and your well-being. From our family to yours, we invite you to indulge in the finest handcrafted products, made with love.

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